How To Run GoToMeeting on Windows 7- Duh!

Friday, January 23, 2009

When Windows Beta (Build 7000) was released to the public, I rushed to download  and install it on a Virtual PC. I was very impressed with what I saw, and it proved to be much more stable and usable than I had anticipated. Today I decided to take the proverbial plunge and install Windows 7 on my main laptop. So far all the apps that I use on a daily basis seems to be running fine except for a little snag I ran into when I needed to join a last minute meeting with GoToMeeting (GTM).

As I clicked on the meeting invitation (in IE8) I expected the usual GTM page prompting me to download/run the application’s installer, but instead I got the following message telling that that the application was not supported by my OS/Browser combination.


Easy peasy (That’s me, thinking to myself) – I’ll change my User Agent to reflect a supported platform. The easiest way for me to do that (remember I was rushing at the time) was to use Firefox’s User Agent Switcher plugin. I changed the User Agent to “Internet Explorer (Windows Vista)”, refreshed, and voila’, the Launch Software button reveled itself.


I clicked the button only to realize that GTM’s software download uses .net’s Click Once deployment, which in turn uses Internet Explorer as the host to download it, and therefore that did not work either. Once again, there was an easy solution, which is to instead click on the link “Manually download the software” on the very same screen – and that worked!

I joined my meeting, albeit five minutes late, but everyone understood as soon as I explained the situation.

Now, the reason why I am posting this is because everything I did above, although it worked, was MUCH more involved that what I could have done to get it working with a lot LESS effort! Additionally, with this method, you would have to switch the user agent EVERY time you go to GTM, because the User Agent Switcher only does that temporarily and does not persist that setting.

I should also mention that the easier way to do it, was suggested by Steve Fabian, a fellow MVP and DotNetNuke Core Team member, following a Tweet I had posted while franticly trying to get into the meeting.

So, without further ado, the easier way is to simply right-click on the Firefox icon, select properties, and then click on the compatibility tab. Nothing is checked in this tab by default. Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” checkbox and select “Windows Vista” from the dropdown (As demonstrated on the screen shot below). Badabing!, you’re done.


This “Compatibility” feature has been around since Windows XP (to my knowledge) – but given that I had NEVER used it before, I never even thought about it. What I should also note is that this is only possible to do on the Firefox browser, as the same screen in IE is disabled and not modifiable because, according to Windows, “It is [IE] part of the Operating System” – whatever that means :s!

This was my “Duh!” moment for day.

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